Ian McCartor

"A Song Lives Forever"

~ Ian McCartor ~

Ian McCartor has combined his background as a hospice RN and a singer/songwriter to compose and produce what we call "Legacy Songs".

They are songs of remembrance and celebration for those nearing the ends of their lives, as well as for those who have lost loved ones.

If you wish to commission a Legacy Song for yourself or a loved one, please contact Ian directly via (661)8606155 or ian@ianmccartor.com.

If you would like to support the creation of these Legacy Songs and be more directly involved, please visit his Patreon page and become a Legacy Patron today.


What is the process of creating a Legacy Song? 

1. It begins with an initial interview either in person or via phone/video call to explore the central theme of the song. We reflect on important life stories, lessons learned, joys, regrets, crossroad moments, etc.

2. Based off of what was discussed, an original song is written, recorded and prepared for presentation. Along with the recorded song, a lyric plaque of cherrywood and gold is made with an attached thumb drive with the song, so that it can have a physical place in the home. Since the song is a digital file, it can be duplicated and sent among family and friends infinite times. Multiple plaques can be produced, if desired.

3. Finally, the song can be performed live and plaque can be presented ceremoniously with family and friends. If the physical presentation isn't preferred, the song can be emailed, and the plaque sent by mail.

What happens to the Legacy Song after it's written?

This is the other half of what makes these Legacy Songs so beautiful, as they get to go out into the world and inspire countless others.

Each song and message is shared as a part of a performance repertoire, in hopes that listeners will be encouraged and inspired by the legacies that are left behind. 

The interview and song are eventually edited and shared in musical albums via music streaming services, so that people all over the world can learn what is shared, and can honor the story of each person and song.

As songwriter and producer, publishing rights are maintained so that the song's impact isn't complicated or restricted by how many people it can reach. If someone wants to share the song, they can do so socially between family and friends, but not for other commercial purposes. If one would wish to obtain publishing rights to the song, that option is available for discussion. 

How can I listen to examples of Legacy Songs and Interviews previously created?

If you would like to listen the collection of recorded Legacy Songs, you can find examples on the albums "Star" and "Eyes to See the Wind" through Youtube, Apple Music, and Spotify, and pretty much everywhere else online.

Ian shares live performances of these songs and stories on his Youtube channel, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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