Ian McCartor

Ian McCartor

I work as a hospice RN and a singer/songwriter. My patients have taught me alot about life while looking back from the doorstep of leaving it all behind. 

There are special lessons there that I've done my best to honor by the way I live and in the way I give back to the world.

I try to enjoy life as an adventure and share as much as I can with you on facebook and instagram - so please join me there as I travel to different countries and share my music and stories around the world.

You can also listen to my music on youtube, apple music, and spotify, and pretty much everywhere else.

I compose and produce what I call "Legacy Songs" for many of my hospice patients, with the hope of bringing forth inspiration and lasting meaning. 

Look below for the album of their songs, called "Star".

I also can share everything with you via email, so please sign up for my mailing list below to receive them. I hope you share your thoughts with me there by responding to the emails. I would love to hear from you.

I hope my work between life and death inspires you to live to your fullest potential and to see life as the beautiful gift it is!

Let's enjoy this adventure. Let's all be artists of our own legacies.

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Here is the latest album "Star", all songs written from the stories and examples of the people I've worked with in hospice.

Click here to listen Youtube - Spotify - or Apple Music. If you use another platform to listen - Click here to go to Google